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GAS Art is the home of art created through a heartwarming collaboration between a father and daughter. In August 2006, Gerard (Jerry) Schoenfeld was diagnosed with Gulf-War related Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, sometimes called Lou Gehrig's Disease). This neuromuscular degenerative disease has cut short Jerry’s ability to continue his love of painting which he had hoped to focus on after retiring from a distinguished career in the United States Navy. The debilitating effects of the disease have left him without the muscle strength to hold a brush or paint any longer.

Jerry is among hundreds of servicemen afflicted with this disease. It is believed to be the result of toxic exposures or other factors taken place during the first Iraqi war. However the government has not conducted appropriate studies at this time to draw conclusions on the causes. Since the incidence among military seems to be much higher than the civilian population, the Schoenfeld’s are convinced that there is a direct correlation between vaccines (some experimental) and pharmacology products used by the military starting during the first Gulf War.

In June 2007, during Father's Day, Jerry's 13 year old daughter, Ashley gave him a gift, a gift of love. She offered her hands to him so he could continue pursuing his passion as an artist. Ashley committed to dedicate her whole summer vacation working and painting under her father’s direction. Ashley spent an average of five hours each day carefully learning the technique and applying color to the canvas according to Jerry’s creative vision. Their goal was to complete at least 12 paintings before the summer was over and Ashley started her freshman year in high school. They almost met that goal. A total of 10 paintings were completed and they continue to work of the rest during the weekend. From this inspiring experience of selfless love GAS Art was born. “G” for Gerard; “A” for Ashley; and “S” for Schoenfeld. The images from this collaboration are part of the Memory Fragments collection, a series of acrylic paintings on canvas that represent Jerry’s memories of his time at sea while in the Navy. This website captures their experience, dedication, and selfless love of a teenager who understood that above all, a father-daughter love is unique and special as it is Jerry’s legacy to his daughter, GAS Art is the manifestation of that love that both hope to share with the world.

And through it all, Jerry and Ashley have been supported by a loving wife and mother, Virginia, and son/brother Johann (who is also a budding painter!). The Schoenfeld family has accepted this enduring journey with hope and spiritual strength gained from the thousands of prayers received from relatives, friends and the church community. Jerry hopes to continue passing down his artistic knowledge to Ashley and Johann while he is still able to use his voice, Ashley hopes to raise awareness of this incurable and terribly debilitating disease by promoting this website and her father’s art. GAS Art has committed to donate a percentage of any paintings sold (original or giclee reproductions) to the ALS Association to support their efforts on finding a cure for ALS through expeditious scientific research.

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Why GASArtHome.com?

We have built this site to
  • Share this great story and art
  • Inspire people to use their God-given gifts
  • Ask for prayers for the whole family
  • Raise money for the family through donations and sales of art

This tragic disease exacts a high cost physically, emotionally, and financially. Though the family is receiving help from friends and the Veteran's administration, they can use any help you can provide.

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